What If?

Hey Champion,

I’ve got a question for you.

It’s an idea that when I heard it, it stopped me cold in my tracks.

I don’t know if you’ll get a revelation or a sick feeling when you hear the question, but you’ll know when you hear it.


What if you stopped proof-reading the poetry that is your life?

Let that sink in…

Here, I’ll ask it again since you just kept on reading…

What if you stopped proof-reading the poetry that is your life?

Your life is a powerful, and beautiful, poem.

If your life is like most people’s lives (and having worked behind the scenes of people’s lives, I assure you it is), your life’s got a little of everything in it — it’s an epic poem like Beowulf.

Full of humor, tragedy, love, sorrow, fear, courage… the whole spectrum of emotion… of failure and triumph… of love and loss.

And yet, how often do we proofread our lives instead of allowing ourselves to get caught up in the rhythm and beauty and power of the poem itself?

How often do we judge the oddly placed comma of life?
… the odd turn of phrase?
… the sudden difficult word where we were certain an easy, predictable rhyme would be?

You see, Champion, any given day of your life is less a completed term paper and more of a poem in progress.

Yes… that’s it:

Life is a poem in progress… mid-stanza… half-scribbled… untyped… unfini

Your life is like a great O’Henry story. You think you know where it’s going until right at the end it takes a turn that changes the entire story you thought was being told. And yet, it is so much more powerful and memorable and awesome than you thought it was going to be.

As a writer since high school, I can tell you that writing and editing are two very different processes… and you can’t do either well if you try to do them at the same time.

So, what if you were to simply let go and write your life from the heart… from the soul… from the Spirit inside you?

What if you were to let the sorrow onto the page?

What if you were to let the laughter you’ve edited out of your life because you’re a serious adult spill onto the next stanza of your life?

What if indeed!?

In your corner,



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