How to Choose to Hit Rock Bottom In 3 Easy Steps

Why would anyone CHOOSE to hit rock bottom?

And why would I write a post about how to choose to hit rock bottom in 3 easy steps?

Because I’ve found the fastest way to the life we really want is to hit rock bottom.

Not so sure? Think I’ve lost it?

As Coach Corso says, "Not so fast!"

– Coach Corso says, “Not so fast!”

As Coach Corso would say, “Not so Fast!”

Before I get to the three easy steps of how to choose to hit rock bottom, let me first set the stage as to why you, or anyone else, might choose to hit rock bottom.

Let’s start with… choice.

Choice is probably the least understood, and least used, tool in our tool bag for creating a better life.

And yet choice, or more accurately, choosing, is the most powerful force for transforming and shaping our life from where it is to where we want it to be.

This post isn’t about choosing — you can get more about choice and choosing here and here — so I’m going to move on and believe that you’re going to choose to come along with me as we unravel this little mystery of why I want you to choose to hit rock bottom in each area of your life — and do it sooner than later.

I want you to choose rock bottom… 

… in your Fitness 

… in your Identity

… in your Relationships and

… in your Enterprises. 

I want you to choose to hit rock bottom in every corner and every area of your life. And I want you to choose it TODAY. As in… RIGHT NOW. Seriously.

Here’s why…

If your life is not everything you want it to be right now, then there’s an opportunity for it to be better – guaranteed.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have a guaranteed way to completely turn around a day, a week, a month, a year, a life that’s not going your way?

Aren’t you excited to discover how much better your life will be when you finally harness the power of choosing to hit rock bottom, yeah?

If you see the value in claiming your past, conquering today, and creating your tomorrow, then you are going to love the 3 easy steps to hitting rock bottom.

First… what is “rock bottom”?

What does hitting rock bottom mean?

It means you finally hit a place where you are no longer willing to let things get any worse.

NOW… there’s an important distinction we need to make here.

Most people think rock bottom is an amount of money… or an amount of pain… or a certain situation like being evicted from your home… having your car repossessed… getting caught having an affair… waking up in a drunken stooper not knowing where you are… waking up in a hospital after an overdose of drugs… missing another important family event because you’re working late – again… realizing it takes you three attempts to get up off the couch because you’re 50 pounds overweight…

In other words, most people think of hitting rock bottom as a moment of crisis that is really “bad”.

But what if I told you that all of those things are simply places, moments in time, where people CHOSE to announce in their lives – either out loud or to themselves – that enough is enough?

You see, champion, rock bottom is not the same for everyone. For one person, rock bottom may be $250,000 in debt with no job and no income.  For another, $25k in the checking account and losing one client out of a dozen may be rock bottom.

For either person, that’s their bottom — IF they choose it to be.

Can you see it?

If the guy or gal with $25k and 11 clients just blows that off as no big deal and not a problem, then maybe it drops to $15k and 8 clients… and $5k and 4 clients… and soon to $250k in credit card debt and zero clients.

What’s the difference?

Choice. Choice is the difference. Choosing to say enough is enough this is MY rock bottom. This is as far down as I’m willing to go.

And actually, that’s the perfect place to segue into the first of my:

3 Easy Steps for Choosing to Hit Rock Bottom

Step One – Announce Your Rock Bottom

With every rock bottom, there comes a choice that “this is as bad as I’m willing to let it get”. At some point, you must announce to yourself that enough is enough.

It’s this moment where you take the first step in choosing your rock bottom. And it’s this choice that is the first step in stopping the slide.

You see, if you never announce this is the bottom, then you will keep sliding further and further down until you do announce that this is the bottom.

It could be your fitness… it could be in your identity… it could be in your relationships… or it could be in your enterprises. But no matter where you are struggling (and even if you’re not struggling) you can announce at any moment that THIS is my rock bottom.

Do you get it, yeah?

You choose your rock bottom by choosing your rock bottom. We all choose it. So why not choose it today, right now!?

Why wait for it to get worse?

Choose ye this day to announce this is my rock bottom. I’ll never go below where I am right now in my life.

From this day forward I’ll be better…

… in my FITNESS – I announce this my new rock bottom and everything in my nutrition and exercise will be better from here. I will Stoke the FIRE of my fitness daily.

… in my IDENTITY – I announce this wandering and uncertainty stops… that I am made with a purpose and from this day forward I will search and/or live into that purpose but I will not let doubt about who I am flood my soul any longer. This is my rock bottom, right now, today. I will Stoke the FIRE of my identity daily.

… in my RELATIONSHIPS – I announce that my relationships will all be richer and more intentional from this day forward… that today is my rock bottom. I will not let them deteriorate any further! I will Stoke the FIRE of my relationships daily.

… in my ENTERPRISES – I announce that the enterprises I am responsible for will get better from this day forward. The current state of my personal and professional enterprises as they are right now is my new rock bottom. I will Stoke the FIRE of my enterprises daily.

Please understand something: No matter how good, or how bad, things are, they can get worse. The natural state of things is deterioration and decay. The only thing that stops the slide is taking the three steps to CHOOSE your rock bottom.

It doesn’t HAVE to get worse from here. Announce this is the bottom right now, today.

Step Two – Admit You Need Help To Move Up From Your Rock Bottom

It’s one thing to announce your rock bottom. this is what most people are really doing on New Year’s Day when they offer up another resolution in one of the 4 key areas of life.

The problem is that most folks have no idea simply announcing is not enough. You must also be willing to admit that you need help. After all, you are where you are based on the current mindsets and skillsets you have right now.

Admitting you need help is the second step to making sure today’s rock bottom really is the bottom.

How many times have you heard someone announce they were going to get in better shape only to see them a year later even worse off than they were before?

Same is true in every other area of life.

Admit you need help from another human being that might just know more than you. Get their books, courses, guidance, mentorship, coaching… whatever you can.

Need to increase your fitness? Admit you need help from a personal trainer or the community of a group like CrossFit or that neighbor you see walking every morning.

Need to better understand your identity? Admit you can’t figure it out on your own. Read the scriptures. Pray. Ask questions from those that seems to be living their purpose. Invest in your own personal and spiritual growth.

Need better relationships? Admit you need help from a relationship coach or counselor. Go on a couples workshop retreat before you need a counselor or divorce attorney.

 Need stronger, more impactful enterprises? Admit you need professional guidance. Find that accountant, computer specialist, marketing specialist, a consultant for whatever it is you’re not seeing or whatever it is you’re not good at that is holding your enterprise back… and likely causing it to slip further towards the rocks.

Now, once you’ve announced enough is enough and once you’ve admitted you need help, there’s one final step.

Step Three – Accept the help.

This seems obvious when I say it but how often do we announce our “enough is enough” moment, admit we need help from some expert and then within a few days dismiss what the expert tells us to do?

Happens ALL the time — All. The. Time.

I believe we were put here on this planet to help each other. I believe we function best in a community. I believe isolation is one of the things that sends us drifting towards the rocks in the first place.

So once you’ve announced to yourself that this is your rock bottom. And once you’ve admitted you can’t move forward most efficiently alone, then accept the help you’ve identified.

It could be a book, a course, a group, and individual… just accept the help.

How do you know if you are accepting the help?

You DO what the help says to do. You don’t try to figure out a better way to do what they tell you… you do what they tell you the way they tell you to do it. Otherwise, you’re not really accepting their help – you’re relying on yourself and slipping back into isolation.

Announce. Admit. Accept.

Those are the three steps to choosing to hit your rock bottom.

And if you will just choose to hit rock bottom where you are NO, then I guarantee your life will be better tomorrow than if you wait and continue to drift towards a new set of steeper, more jagged rocks.

YOU and only YOU get to choose YOUR rock bottom.

And it doesn’t need to or have to get worse before you announce this is your bottom.

You can choose this day that enough is enough… that from this day forward things get gooder and gooder – guaranteed.

One last word of warning… you can ignore this entire post and your life is still guaranteed — guaranteed to get worse. You can not do this thing called life alone. It’s not how we were created.

You can ignore this entire post and your life will still be guaranteed — guaranteed to get worse. You can not do this thing called life alone. It’s not how we were created.

What will you choose, champion? Choose today.

Choose today.

In your corner,


P.S. – If you’re ready to announce your bottom, if you’re ready to admit you can’t move forward alone, and if you’re ready to accept help, then I’d like to offer you a resource. That resource is one of the most powerful resources I’ve found for creating the life you really want. It’s one on one coaching. Apply here.




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