Be, Do, Have and the True Source of Power

Be all you were created to be…
so that you can…
Do all you were created to do…
and you will…
Have all you were created to have.
One of my favorite chapters in all of the Bible is Deuteronomy Chapter 8.
It’s a beautiful picture of life and a great reminder, to me, of how life works as a Christian.
The chapter is in 3 parts:
ONE – a reminder of all that God has provided in the tough times.
TWO – the spiritual and material prosperity God wants to, and does, provide His people.
THREE – a reminder that: HE is the one that gives us the power to produce wealth and that not following His principles sets us up for it all going away.
In the world of “self-help” and personal development, it’s easy to get caught up in how great we are… how awesome we are.
And I believe we are amazing… and we are also fearfully and wonderfully made…
And therein lies the truth… we are made… created…
Yes, we are given great liberty in our comings and in our goings… AND… we were created for a purpose and for a time such as this… we were created with special gifts and we are to employ that gift in serving one another (1 Peter 4:10)
I believe it is through this gifting… and through the employing of the gift… that we best use the power to create wealth mentioned in Deuteronomy 8:18
Let’s look at it like this…
A cordless drill is a powerful tool. It’s convenient and it does a very specific task really well.
And for a while, it can seem like it doesn’t need power outside of itself – until the battery dies and the power is gone.
Now, you can search and search and search but until the battery is plugged into the power source and recharged, that drill will never effectively do what is what created to do.
I believe we are the same way. There is a power source that we are required to plug into on a regular basis if we are to perform as created.
When we don’t, we end up frustrated and ineffective.
If this resonates with you, then we probably have some similar beliefs about what success and significance look like.
My job as a coach is to continuously remind my clients of these core truths… to offer and maintain perspective.
That perspective leads to understanding and harnessing the source of their power…
And distributing that power leads to performance…
My prayer for you today is that this post offers you some perspective, that you are reminded of your true source of power and that you perform based on that power and who you were created by God to be.
In your corner,
Sean McCool
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