4th of July? Whatever.

Holidays can be a real downer for people.

Myself included… if I let it.

It occurred to me today that some of you might
not feel at all like celebrating.

Perhaps you feel anything but free…

You might even feel trapped, alone, and wondering
how the heck you got HERE.

I get it.

I’ve been down and out with my back against
the wall more times than I can count.

And you know what, I’m still here.

I made it through yesterday, I’ll make it
through today and I’ll make it through

Still, that may or may not help you today.

So, as I was thinking about this I had another
realization of sorts…. and that is this:

Our founding fathers did not get together and
draft the Declaration of Independence because
everything was going well

In fact, quite the opposite.

They were being taxed, taken advantage of,
attacked, seized, laughed at, punished… you
name it.

Use this link to take a look at the lists of
reasons they were writing the Declaration…

Now consider that doesn’t even take into account
the everyday hardships of living in a new land
in the 1700’s.

As I thought about this, I decided to see what I
could see by reading the Declaration with fresh

And here are:

7 Not So Self Evident Truths I Discovered
in the Declaration of Independence:

1.  DISSOLVE what is no longer useful.
Relationships that once empowered or
encouraged us may not serve once we
grow into who we’re truly capable of
being. Fears, beliefs, stories, world views,
family cultures… all may no longer be useful
or appropriate for where we are going
and what we are creating.

2.  DISTINGUISH the world views. When
you are going to make a commitment
that changes you entire world, distinguish
the useful worldview from the feelings.
This is not about personal revenge… it’s
about you choosing to move forward.

3.  DECIDE with counsel. Don’t make
decisions in a vacuum. You’re going
to need the support of others. Gather
others around you who can question
and debate with you. Consider their
counsel then choose powerfully – even
if you go against the counsel.

4.  DECLARE what you are about to
do. Don’t stop at simply distinguishing
or describing the problem, declare the
solution into existence. The bigger the
declaration you are making, the less
precedent there is likely to be for a
solution. In other words, you’ll need
to declare and create your best solution.

5.  DETERMINE the cost. Be willing
to lose everything. The last part of the
last line of the Declaration reads: “we
mutually pledge to each other our Lives,
our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”
That is all in.

6.   DISPLAY your commitment. A
public display of your commitment
is more likely to hold you accountable.
It’s why the founders signed the document.

7.  DELIVER on the declaration. It
would have done no good to take steps
one through 6 if they didn’t deliver
the declaration to the king – both in
word and in spirit.

So here’s the question…

What do you need to declare into
existence today?

In what area of life is the FIRE
going out?

Where do you need to STOKE THE FIRE
of your life, Champion?

Is it a better Fitness?

Is it a stronger and more focused

Is it more powerful Relationships?

Is it a thriving Enterprise that makes
a difference to both you and the world?

I know personally I have work to
do in ALL these areas. And I
declare, daily, to not bow to the
tyranny of the self.

And instead Rise Up and Be
the Champion I was created to be.

Will you join me?

Will you stand and declare your
personal independence this day… even
in the dark night of your soul… even under the
threat of societal and self inflicted tyranny?

If you’re willing to honestly take the 7 truths
above and implement them into your life, then
I’m willing to stand firmly in your corner.

Comment or seek me out on social media and

let me know how I can help.

In your corner,

Coach Sean McCool


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