3 Questions For Accessing a Lifetime of Perspective

Three Questions That Give You All the Perspective You Need

I have a list of powerful questions I refer to when coaching, speaking, or writing to my fellow Champions.

These questions poke and prod people’s lives so that I’m able to diagnose what’s really going on with them.  What I’m looking for is a pain or a possibility where I can prescribe a little dose of perspective.

You see, it’s really easy to get bogged down with all the available self-help and personal development information out there.

Sometimes it can feel like we’re in a game of “Chubby Bunny” as we try to talk positive to ourselves and others. Problem is we’re so overwhelmed with stuff that the words and ideas just sound more like Charlie Brown’s teacher.


So how do we step away from the all-you-can-eat, self-help “buffet” and pick just a few nutritious nuggets that give us what we need for the day?

Well, champion, that is a great question, isn’t it?

Would it be useful to have three straightforward questions?

Can you see the value in owning three questions for getting you back on track and focused when the chaos swirls, when the laziness latches on, or when the resistance rears it’s ugly head?

It would?

Well then, you are on the right site, reading the right article, at just the right time to get exactly what you want.

Next time you feel stuck, stalled, frustrated, full of self doubt or you just need a dose of perspective, clarity, insight, etc… then consider these three questions.

Isn’t it wonderful to know there’s a trio of simple, yet highly effective questions that can instantly add perspective to you life?

And since perspective is power, that makes this more like a trifecta than just any mere trio.

Getting real about these three questions provides immediate and powerful access to the world of action and gets you out of your own head.

So write down the questions on a 3×5 card, mark this page in your bookmarks, paste these into Evernote or print out the infographic below — whatever works for you.

Ready? Here we go…

QUESTION #1 – “If an invisible person followed you around all day for an average day of your life, what would they see?”

Ouch. Did that one sting you as bad as it did me the first time I heard it?

Let’s rephrase the question using a few examples and specifics:

  • Would they see you wasting a lot of time?
  • Would they see you working at your goals?
  • Would they see someone that is just going through the motions?

Now, I’m going to suggest you write out your answers or type them into the notes on your phone.


Because writing things down gets you out of your head and into the real world. And, whether typing or writing you engage your sense of touch and muscular movement.

You also enlist your eyes and, in a sense, your ears because most of us talk to ourselves as we type or write, so we “hear” the words forming  in our minds differently than we might hear our random thoughts.

You see, our lives are largely the result of the actions that we take each day. Are you taking actions that move you forward to the future you desire or are you engaged in time-wasting, worthless activity? 

Our lives are largely the result of the actions that we take each day..

What would that invisible person logically conclude about you, your life, and your goals based on the actions you take each day?

Write out your answer now.

Seriously. Do it. Then come back and deal with the next question because the next question will lack the full amount of power and usefulness to you if you don’t write out the answer to question one.

Here’s the question again:

QUESTION #1 – “If an invisible person followed you around all day for an average day of your life, what would they see?”3 Questions For Perspective Infographic

All right.

You’ve written out your answer so now let’s move on to…

QUESTION #2 – ”If you lived that average day, every day, for the next 5 years, what is the logical outcome?”

In other words, if you kept living your average day over and over, where is your life likely to end up?

Now compare that logical conclusion with the life you keep saying you’d like to have.

How close are they?

Let’s expand on this question because it’s important.

    • Are you likely to end up where you want to be financially? Are you currently taking consistent action to have the financial life you desire?
    • Are you likely to have the FITNESS that you want? Are you eating nutritiously and exercising regularly? Or are you waiting to start tomorrow, or Monday, or the first of the month, or the first of the year? Getting the body you want will take a certain number of days, so you might as well start today.
    • Are you likely to be enjoying the type of RELATIONSHIPS you desire? If you want to meet your dream wife, how many new women have you spoken to in the last week? How many have you asked out?
    • Are you likely to be advancing in your ENTERPRISES the way you’d like to be? For example, based on your performance over the last year, do you think it’s probable that you’ll get that new client or that promotion? Are you any closer to having that small business running profitably?

Now you can make some reasonable plans and create some good habits.

And that, dear Champion, leads us to…

QUESTION #3 – What do you need to do on a consistent basis to achieve the life you hope for?

If you want to lose 10 inches off your waist and weigh 75 lbs less, then your daily actions need to reflect that.

Pretty simple and straightforward, right?

So why don’t we DO what needs to be DONE?

Why don’t we take action?

I believe there are two reasons.

Would it be helpful to know what those two reasons are… and how to overcome the blocks so you can create the life you want?


Love that you are committed to moving forward, Champion.

People largely fail to end up where they wish to be for two reasons:

  1. They have no idea where they’re going. You can’t get there if you don’t know the destination. If you don’t have a plan, you must live by default, sitting around until something goes wrong and then spending your energy fixing the issue. Alternatively, if you spend your energy driving towards something, you’ll eventually get there. 

    Success is the result of making positive decisions and taking actions that reflect those decisions.

  2. They don’t do the things each day that will create the life they want. In spite of what many gurus seem to claim, you can’t wish your way to success. Success is the result of making positive decisions and taking actions that reflect those decisions.

Ask yourself the three questions above.

You might be shocked when you really look at your average day and realize where you’re likely to end up as a result of doing those same things every day. It doesn’t take a lot to be very successful, but it does take consistency.

For instance, imagine if you did 1 pushup every day this week and added 1 pushup a week. In 5 years you would be doing 250 pushups a day and you would never struggle for a minute.

In the same way, establishing daily habits that move you forward toward achieving your goals will result in your success. So which habit will you start today?

In your corner,

Coach Sean McCool

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